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Souvenir Audio Guide of Niagara Falls

The Take Away Experience

Have you ever wonder how Niagara Falls was created? Are you curious to know how much water flows over the brink of the Falls? Enhance your visitor experience with a Souvenir Audio Guide. The perfectly ‘fit-in-your-palm’ device tells a 30-minute narrative of the history and geology of Niagara Falls during the ‘Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour.’ The story provides visitors with educational and entertaining facts about the Bridal Veil, American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The Souvenir Audio Guide is the first of its kind and is sold separately or with an admission ticket at the Hornblower Ticket Plaza upon arrival. If English isn’t your first language the guide is available in several other different languages including, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Mandarin.


The guide is perfect to be used when enjoying the daytime ‘Voyage to the Falls Boa Tour’ as a narrative to help understand the worldwide natural wonder. Don’t board without this helpful souvenir.


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