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Niagara Cruises Retail Merchandise

Get Prepared for the Powerful Niagara Falls Mist

Mist Gear Retail

Find All The Waterproof Essentials Before Boarding

Hornblower Niagara Cruises offers a wide selection of souvenir accessory items for comfort, health and memory. As guests prepare to board the boats, each passenger will receive one complimentary red poncho to protect from the refreshing showers of the Niagara mist. The poncho is optional for all of our guests, but we strongly recommend one as our boat tours bring you up close and personal with the thundering Falls. 

Browse from a wide selection of unique finds at the Mist Gear Retail that are designed to enhance your Niagara Cruises experience. Shop from nautical bags, to water shoes, to smartphone and tablet waterproof cases. Find all the essentials at our Mist Gear Retail located at our Hornblower Landing. 

Mist Gear Retail

Retail Items

Mist Gear Retail Area

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